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Twenty-Four Pictures of the Same Damn Thing.

Now Make it Move!

14 May 1989
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My name is Kaycie. I usually go by Kaycie D. or my alias/studio name, KcD (which is actually a face if you turn it to its side).

I am two decades old and living in the Midwest. I graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a BFA in animation, and I currently focus on character design and illustration. I like drawing people, animals, and creepy old men.

In this journal, I usually talk about my life and thoughts I have throughout the day rant about stupid things. If you would rather bypass my personal life and just keep tabs on me for my art (and I wouldn't blame you in the slightest), you should go to one of these places:

KcD Studios Blogspot - I post art (finished or otherwise) and art/animation-related things here.
KcD Studios Portfolio - My actual portfolio page.
My DeviantART - My less-updated deviantART site.